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본 연구실은 차세대 광전변환 소재와 태양전지 및 투명 태양광 모듈, 그리고 웨어러블 소자(wearable devices)를 연구하고 있습니다.

차세대 신재생 에너지소재로서 각광받고 있는 페로브스카이트(perovskite) 물질 합성과 전자/정공 전도체(electron/hole transport materials) 및 신축(stretchable)기판 개발을 통해 소자 제작 및 성능 평가를 진행하고 있습니다.

Our work in the Phothoelectrochemistry lab. of Korea University has been mainly focused on the design, development and analysis of next-generation photoelectric conversion materials, solar cells, transparent solar modules and wearable devices.

Specifically, we investigate the photovoltaic fabrication and performance evaluation through the synthesis of perovskite materials, which have been in the spotlight as new renewable energy materials and the development of electron/hole transport materials and stretchable substrates.

Recent Publication

Chemical Engineering Journal (2024) 

ACS Applied Material Interfaces (2023) 

Energy & Environmental Materials (2023) 

Materials Today Chemistry (2023) 


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